Autism, Canada

Autism Service Dogs

Canadian Association of Guide & Assistance Dog Schools provides a list of accredited service providers in Canada. An accredited provider usually is also a member of Assistance Dogs International. Both organization provide standards and guidelines to ensure the quality of service dog training program.

Most of the application fees are minimal. You are responsible to provide food and other necessities for the dog when you get it. Most agencies depend greatly on donations and thus you are probably expected to help raising funds.

Other things to consider: how long is the wait time? Does the dog live with you after it retires? Are there any follow-up training or interviews? Do they help transitioning the dog? What if the dog and the child are not a right fit?

Recently, there is another new option if you do not want to wait for a service dog: Canine Support Services provides consulting and training services for your own dog. Ideally, you will already have a one to two-year-old dog, and they will assess and help training the dog to get the certification. However, it is not guaranteed that the dog can always successfully be certified as a service dog. (It is like everyone goes to school, but not everyone could graduate with an honour degree.)

OrganizationDetailsApplicationContactService Area
Autism Dog ServicesService Dogs for AutismApplyPhone: (519) 721-1068
Greater Toronto, Hamilton areas, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, London or surrounding areas
BC and Alberta Guide Dog ServicesAutism Support DogCurrently not accepting new application requestsBC Head Office (Greater Vancouver):
Phone: (604) 940-4504

Calgary Office:
Phone: (403) 258-0819
British Columbia & Alberta
Dogs with WingsApply for an Autism Service DogCurrently not accepting new application requestsEdmonton
Phone: (780) 944-8011

Phone: (587) 284-3647
Lions Foundation of Canada Dog GuidsAutism Assitance
Currently not accepting new application requestsPhone: (905) 842-2891
MIRA Foundation Inc.Service dog for child presenting ASDApplyPhone: (450) 795-3725
National Service DogsCertified Service Dogs for AutismCurrently not accepting new application requestsPhone: (519) 623-4188
PADSIs an Assistance Dog Right for You?Currently not accepting new application requestsContact formWestern Canada